But What IS Adulting?

Back to back days, who knew I had it in me?

I realized last night that I had missed out on a couple talking points worth noting. The first: this article. To summarize, the author basically says how walking her dog is the only thing keeping her sane, because it’s the only activity that hasn’t lost its normalcy. You still see your fellow dog walkers; you’re already usually 6 feet apart from people anyway; your dog still needs exercise and to pee/poop. Why would anything change about that? And after reading it, I can wholeheartedly agree. With the Olympics postponed yesterday and my job with the Olympic Committee now up in the air, I felt pretty committed to just wallowing. But I took the corgi for a walk and met my friend Hannah and her poodles, Ollie and Tucker, and we had a lovely time laughing and catching up and processing the pandemic together. It lifted my mood enormously, and for that, I am very grateful to have a pooch to stroll with.

I also recalled last night that a year prior, I had run my first marathon, ever. I still look back at it with some disbelief — it took me until two weeks ago to run 12 miles in a single go since that day. But on March 24 last year, I ran 26.2 … how? I wonder what I would have said if you told me on that day, “Hey, a year from now you’ll be living at home with your parents under quarantine as the entire world crumbles under a pandemic.” I probably would have called you a freaking lunatic and shrugged it off, sipped my beer. The sad thing is that I actually signed up for a marathon just a week before this corona crisis really hit, and now I’m not sure if it’ll happen. It’s in June, who knows. But I refuse to defer my place until next year or another race later in 2020, because I simply need the routine and training to keep myself from truly going nuts.

Everyone says look at the bright side of things. This morning, I discovered one positive: I’ve been utterly failing at learning Japanese with Duolingo, so perhaps now that the Olympics won’t happen for a year, I actually will know something when I go! (IF I go…I guess that just turned negative…)

OK, maybe not a positive, but something fun I saw today? One of my all-time favorite teachers from grade school posted on Facebook a status that was simply, “Bands I’ve Seen Live, A – Z.” The Cars was his “C,” which is rad. I definitely will be doing this at some point. (As in, I’m working on it currently.)

My friend sent me some music I should listen to today, and I responded something to the effect of, “Dang, I haven’t even gotten to the stuff you sent me yesterday! As soon as I’m off this conference call, I’ll take a listen.” He replied, “Lol, we have ‘calls’ now since we’re ‘adults.'” But what is adulting? I asked. “Pretending we know so that younger people think it’ll all be okay.” Well, sh*t.

This is where I leave you, for now.

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March 25, 2020