Coriolis Effect

Name: Coriolis Effect

Brewery: New Image Brewing (Arvada, Colorado)

Style: New Zealand Style IPA

Rating: 4.2 / 5

Review: I will preface this review with stating that I am quite, quite biased on this one. Further, I am going into launch into a long story that barely reviews the beer.

I actually saw this beer for the first time back in December (remember December? A time when we weren’t wearing face masks and could socialize without fear of contracting a devastating virus?). My rad co-worker had given me a $15 gift certificate to the liquor store right before you get on I-25 from my exit of Colorado Springs. I never go to this liquor store because it’s just *slightly* more expensive than my go-to, college liquor store. But hey, I had a gift certificate!

I was on my way to Denver to spend the night with a friend, then had a morning flight out of DIA the following day. So I was just looking to pick up some beer for the night and the new year, since the certificate would expire at the end of the month. My eye caught the New Image section — they have excellent branding — and this beer stuck out for one precise reason: my roommate is from New Zealand. I recorded it as something to get her at a later time, unwilling to get a six pack and discover it wasn’t very good. What did a “New Zealand style” IPA even mean?

Looking back, I should have went for it. Because man, this stuff is good. What makes the style “New Zealand” is the hops originating from NZ, motueka hops. There is something about this beer that just strikes the perfect balance for me. Lately, I’ve been on the hazy / juicy IPA train, and this beer is a little hazy, a little juicy, and a little hoppy. And when you combine those three qualities with these special hops, you get a unique flavor.

Six months after seeing the beer, I finally bought it for my roommate, in a mix-and-match birthday six pack. I was curious to know what she thought of it andhoped she’d give me a sip of it (despite the lurking fear of the ‘rona). Lucky for me, another friend of hers got her a full six pack of it — and she shared one with me.

I’ve been a diehard 4 Noses fan for a while, but New Image is now tickling my fancy, if I may use that absurd expression. I decided a while ago that I’m going to “settle” in Arvada, though I’ve never actually been to the place. I just like the idea of it: between Boulder and Denver, access to concert venues in both cities plus Red Rocks Amphitheatre, great outdoor recreation. And it has New Image Brewing.

Coriolis Effect - New Image Brewing - Untappd
The best part of the can is actually the little cutesy blurb on the back. It explains what the Coriolis Effect is and some silly other notes about New Zealand. I particularly love that it says “for the chilly bin,” because my roommate used that term days before I tried this, and I had no idea what she was referring to. It’s Kiwi-speak for “cooler.”

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