White Russian

Name: White Russian

Brewery: Lefthand Brewing Co. (Longmont, Colorado)

Style: White nitro stout with coffee + vanilla

Rating: 3.9/5

Review: It’s been a hot minute since I’ve reviewed any beer, so bear with me.

This beer was very tasty, but it almost wasn’t beer to me. I should admit that I have little experience with drinking White Russian cocktails. One of my best friends, Evyn, introduced me to them in Cuba, of all places. That was four years ago. I may have gone another three years before drinking a White Russian again — and that was when my friend Danylo decided he’d make them for me and all of my roommates to celebrate their graduation in May 2020. I will say: I am quite fond of the beverage, given the limited experience.

This beer is perplexing in that it’s a stout, but it’s got the color of a much lighter beer. Like a wheat beer. It is so creamy that you just forget that you’re drinking beer. You do taste the coffee and vanilla. Honestly, I’d give this a higher ranking if it were just more versatile. It’s THICK. You wouldn’t drink it in summertime. But the last night of February? Sure.

Left Hand Brewing Co. Adds White Russian Nitro to Seasonal Lineup | Mashing  In

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