Manifest – Andrew Bird

I’m coming to the edge of the widest canyon,
My companion’s dear.
I’m starting to question my manifest destiny,
My claim to this frontier.
I’m coming to the brink of a great disaster,
End just has to be near.
The earth spins faster, whistles right past you,
Whispers death in your ear.
Don’t pretend you can’t hear.
Don’t pretend you can’t.

I can hear your tendrils still digging
For everything that’s walked this earth once living,
Then to be exhumed and burned to vapor.
Can you save her?
Now she’s in the air,
Radical and free,
Neither here nor there.
She’s obliged to no one,
She’s obliged to no one. read more

If that’s movin’ up, then I’m movin’ out.

“If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that moving always sucks; it just can suck a little less sometimes.”

That was my career counselor and dear friend, John “Chief” Mann. I just finished moving a couple of days ago, and we were catching up over beers. I had to agree; I’ve moved countless times over the past six years, usually by myself, and it’s never been fun. The times I have been given help, I’ve actually gotten tearful out of gratitude. I can’t help but getting emotional over a move, between “this is the end of an era” and “oh my God, why do I own so much crap?” read more