Drake – Still Woozy

All I want is to be happy,
All I want is to be happy.
All I want, all I want is love.
All I get is another day,
All I get is another day
That I can’t, that I can’t get out of …

When I wake up, slap my face,
When I wake up far away.
Now we’re laid up, all okay,
And we made up for today.

All I want is to be laughing,
All I want is to be laughing
With you one, with you one more time.
But I know now, I’ve been stupid,
“Just keep moving, ” that’s what you said.
And I will, and I will, alright. read more

Disappear Daily – Ollie MN

Getting out of bed
Shouldn’t be so hard to do.
When it’s dark inside your head,
Who cares if the sky’s blue?

The smallest thing
Can split my mind in two.
I wish everything
Came as easily as loving you,
As loving you, you.
Loving you, you.

Isn’t it fun how I completely
Disappear daily?
And make it hard to see
Why you love me at all?

Isn’t it funny when I can’t breathe,
Insist that we both leave
Your own birthday party
‘Cause of nothing at all?

I wanna dance
Freely like others do.
I wish everything
Came as easily as loving you
As loving you, you.
Loving you, you. read more

Manifest – Andrew Bird

I’m coming to the edge of the widest canyon,
My companion’s dear.
I’m starting to question my manifest destiny,
My claim to this frontier.
I’m coming to the brink of a great disaster,
End just has to be near.
The earth spins faster, whistles right past you,
Whispers death in your ear.
Don’t pretend you can’t hear.
Don’t pretend you can’t.

I can hear your tendrils still digging
For everything that’s walked this earth once living,
Then to be exhumed and burned to vapor.
Can you save her?
Now she’s in the air,
Radical and free,
Neither here nor there.
She’s obliged to no one,
She’s obliged to no one. read more

Blame Game – Beach Bunny

Time keeps slipping away, slipping away.
Same routine settles in next Friday.
TV news interviews saying, “She’s loose.”
Police officer asks what she’s wearing.

And I’m tired of the world perceiving me.
And I’m tired of girls saying,
“Something here’s gotta change, it’s gotta change.”
We keep playing the same blame game.
Do you think calling names makes me feel safe?
You look prettiest when you smile, babe.

But I don’t want to smile for anyone.
And I’ll be caught dead saying, read more

Impossible – Clairo

How are you feeling? How are you doing?
I’m sorry, I just wanted to hear your voice so clear
What are you thinking? Am I amusing?
It’s so strange to talk after all these years.

What is the meaning? It’s so confusing.
All my old feelings coming back to me,
When was the last time that I saw your face?
Know it like the back of my hand, I’d say.

And you’re not that dumb anymore,
I picked up the books you threw to the floor.
Put them back on the shelf,
Don’t you see how much I want your help? read more

Twenty Two and Some Change – Stephen Day

I don’t wanna die young,
Don’t wanna get old,
And stay so warm
That my heart gets cold.

So tell me there’s a reason
Or something upstairs.
And tell me they’ve been seeing
What’s going on down here.

‘Cause I get to feeling sad,
And I miss my mom and dad.
Why’s it so hard to tell ’em that?
When you get to a certain age
You miss what you could’ve had,
But don’t really want it back,
And hope that you’re on track
For twenty-two and some change.

I just wanna have fun
And have a good laugh,
Make a few friends,
The kind that last. read more

The Longest Year – Kathleen

The great barrier reef
Was recently pronounced dead.
Its last holy words were not
“Make America great again.”

Which way does the wind blow, Dylan?
I’m standing in the storm
But I’ve lost my sense of feeling.

Ideas climb out of bed and
Promise that they’ll fix it.
I look at you, you look at me, and we excitedly agree
That one day we’re sure gonna change it.
Then something comes up, and we all fall back asleep.
Oh, it’s been the longest year of our lives.

I close my eyes
And relive every moment.
One hundred sleepless nights, enough to make
The comedians cry. read more

April – Beach Bunny

April showers, rain starts falling.
I wish that you would pick up when you know I’m calling.
It’s been another year
Wishing you were here.

Sometimes I just want somebody,
Someone who reminds that they’ll always love me.
Sick of counting tears,
Wishing you were here.

I wanna be everything you wanted
But oftentimes, I just get forgotten.

Are you out there? I’m still here.
I wish that when I said your name you would appear
Sitting next to me.
Now we’re memories.

Are you out there, somewhere?
What are you up to?
Have you changed your number?
I’ve been trying to call you
Since April, and now it’s October.
I’m not overthinking, but I think about you a lot.
And lately I am just an afterthought. read more

Always – Rex Orange County

It’s hard to make yourself believe
That it’ll get better when you feel defeated.
And carrying on is easier said than done.
It took a while to see that I was in need of help from somebody else,
But she keeps reminding me that I’m not the only one.
And babe, I would have told you this was gonna happen
If I had know that it would.
But now there’s less time and more things that I need to say
And I’m afraid

That there will always be a part of me that’s holding on
And still believes that everything is fine
And that I’m living a normal life.
But until somebody sits me down
And tells me that I’m different now,
I’ll always be the way I always am.
read more

Light On – Maggie Rogers

Would you believe me now
If I told you I got caught up in a wave?
Almost gave it away.
Would you hear me out
If I told you I was terrified for days?
Thought I was gonna break.

Oh, I couldn’t stop it,
Tried to slow it all down.
Crying in the bathroom,
Had to figure it out,
With everyone around me saying,
“You must be so happy now.”

Oh, if you keep reaching out,
Then I’ll keep coming back.
And if you’re gone for good,
Then I’m okay with that.
If you leave the light on,
Then I’ll leave the light on.
And I am finding out
There’s just no other way
That I’m still dancing at the end of the day.
If you leave the light on,
Then I’ll leave the light on. read more

Pull It Together – The Greeting Committee

You gots to, gots to get it out,
All the nonsense in your head.
These days it gets so loud,
Best to put it to rest.
Momma says it won’t be long
Till I get along with myself.
I guess, I guess I never have,
But it’s all just as well.

I’m gonna pull it together.
Talk me down until I get better.
You know I’m gonna pull it together.
Shake me out, I wanna get better.
But I don’t know how.

Oh please, oh please settle down,
She said to me as I spun out.
Off the handle again,
I never was a good friend.
In all of my attempts
To kick myself out of this,
I fell, I fell right on it,
Tripped on that silver lining. read more

Maybe – half•alive

Feel the weight, fill the space in the void of my own time.
I’m surrounded in pain passed down through my bloodline.
I have tried to escape from the maze but it’s no use.
These chains never break, never budge, never come loose.

Story’s over,
Story’s over.

Standing still and it feels like I’m lost in a coal mine.
Inside, realize I’m at war in my own mind.
It’s a place fear creates, I’ll be here for a long time.
And you don’t know where I’ve been, you weren’t there on the front lines.
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Just Exist – Eliza and the Delusionals

You were in my head last night.
Was I on your mind?
Was I on your mind?
Why else would have you been there,
In one thought at a time,
One thought at a time?

If I could hold my breath around you,
It could make it easier.
If I could just exist without you,
It could make it easier
If I knew my way around you,
It could make it easier.
If I could just exist without you,
I would just exist,
Just exist.

You were in my dream last night,
Creeping in again
When I least expect.
Is this what 22 feels like?
Do you feel alive,
Or are you just killing time? read more

Maybe You’re the Reason – The Japanese House

Now, tell me something,
Is there a point to this?
Or are we living for the feeling when we look back
On what we did and reminisce?

‘Cause I’ve looked within and I’ve read,
But instead I keep focusing
On just how thin I can get.
Now I’m looking for something else,
I found myself, I’m someone else.

I keep looking for something,
Even though I know that it’s not there.
(Maybe you’re the reason.)
Every time I try to figure it out,
You’re the only thing I can think about
(Maybe you’re the reason.) read more

See You Through My Eyes – The Head and the Heart

A heart-shaped tree standing in between
Human nature, and the nature was seen.
Wouldn’t you know it now?
Life’s got a funny way of showing us how.
I see you standing there, listening in the leaves,
Looking down, shining on me,
Tryna show me how, just takes a while.
You should know this by now.

Until you learn to love yourself,
The door is locked to someone else.
I’m just as damaged as you are,
Scattered to pieces with you gone.
Without the dark, there is no light,
But don’t give the dust an instant night.
I saw the signs you were leaving,
But I didn’t wanna believe it. read more

Heat of the Summer – Young the Giant

No one can take me out of this mess;
I do it to myself.
I lost my phone, my keys, what else?
The acid doesn’t help,
I’m paranoid as hell, and I wanna
Go home, but there’s no place to run.

Feel like it’s been forever
Since I had my shit together.
I just do what I wanna
In the heat of the summer.
If I could roll up another,
Baby, I could see in technicolor.
I just do what I gotta
In the heat of the summer,
In the heat of the summer.

I’ve got to figure something out,
But I don’t know where to start.
I found my keys under the couch,
But I’m scared of going out,
Having all these doubts, and I’d rather
Stay home ’cause there’s no place to run. read more

A Miracle, A Mile Away – Bad Suns

Invisible, until I want to be.
I’m miserable on a beautiful day.
Take one look around you
And you just might find
A miracle, a mile away.

Might be a miracle,
A smile arrives on your face.
Might be a miracle
A mile, a mile away.

Quit looking for love you’ve left behind,
Waiting for what you’ve yet to find.
Might be a miracle
A mile, a mile away.

So spiritual
You used to be.
So cynical
In every obvious way.
Take one look around you and the world might end.
A miracle
In every day.

Bambi – Hippo Campus

I swear to God, I wasn’t born to fight.
Maybe just a little bit,
Enough to make me sick of it.
But I can read between the lines.
I want to run from everything
But my legs won’t work, it’s clear to me.

I haven’t been much myself,
And I feel like my friends are being put through this hell I’m feeling.
I think that I’m living, if you could call it living,
So brash and unforgiving,
Ruled by the vibe I’m bringing,
Serving myself,
Serving myself.

The timing’s poor I know it’s never right.
It’s hard to see this time of night,
Hard to know the reasons why I fucked it up again.
Still I breathe a sigh.
It doesn’t seem so lucky now,
Maybe I can figure out why.

I haven’t been much myself,
And I feel like my friends are being put through this hell I’m feeling.
I think that I’m living, if you could call it living,
So brash and unforgiving,
Ruled by the vibe I’m bringing,
Serving myself,
Serving myself.

Nervous – The Neighbourhood

Maybe I shouldn’t try to be perfect.
I confess, I’m obsessed with the surface.
In the end, if I fall or if I get it all
I just hope that it’s worth it.

Last year I fell flat on my face,
And last month I knew something should change.
Last week I started over again.
Ask me and I’ll tell you how I’ve been.
Don’t get me started.

You’ve got me nervous to speak,
So I just won’t say anything at all.
I’ve got an urge to release
And you keep telling me to hold on.
You’ve got me nervous to move,
So I just won’t give anything to you.
You got me turning all around to be who you need me to.

Come On To Me – Paul McCartney

I saw you flash a smile,
That seemed to me to say
You wanted so much more than casual conversation.
I swear I caught a look
Before you turned away,
Now I don’t see the point resisting your temptation.

Did you come on to me,
Will I come on to you?
If you come on to me,
Will I come on to you?

I don’t think I can wait
Like I’m supposed to do.
How soon can we arrange a formal introduction?
We need to find a place
Where we can be alone,
To spend some special time without an interruption

If you come on to me,
Will I come on to you?
If you come on to me,
Will I come on to you?

Turn – The Wombats

I jump from thought to thought like a flea jumps to a light,
You could give an aspirin the headache of its life.
Maybe it’s the crazy that I’d miss.

Watering plastic plants in the hope that they’ll grow,
Seeing a message flash and then smashing up my phone.
Maybe it’s the crazy that I’d miss.
It won’t get better than this.

I like the way your brain works, I like the way you try
To run with the wolf pack when your legs are tired.
I like the way you turn me
Inside and out,
I like the way you turn.

I like the way your brain works,
I like the way your brain works.

I want to get college girl drunk tonight,
No morning fears, no mountains to climb.
They say the best memories are the ones that we forget.

All I Want – Walk the Moon

The river of cars keeps flowing,
All I can see is what’s in front of me.
This isn’t where I thought I was going,
This isn’t who I thought I would be.

Maybe if I went out less on the weekend,
Maybe if I just didn’t exist.
Maybe if I was straight,
Maybe if I was vegan,
Maybe if I still had you to kiss.

All that I want,
All that I want,
All that I want,
All that I want.

I am my own sanctuary.
I am my own hero.
I am my own teacher.
I am my own best friend.
I am my own Friday night.
I am my own love of my life.
I am my own way out.
I am my own sanctuary.
I am my own sanctuary.

Maybe if I had a little more money,
Maybe if I had a little more sex.
Maybe with a little peace and quiet,
Maybe I could make a little more sense of it.

All that I want (a little more sense of it),
All that I want (a little more sense of it),
All that I want,
All that I want.

Freakin’ Out on the Interstate – Briston Maroney

And you got a lot on your mind.
And your heart, it looks just like mine.
There’s no use in wasting your time,

I’m sorry I
Haven’t been myself.
Something’s got me down;
What it is, I cannot tell.
I won’t be satisfied
With anything I’ve earned.
Fear is just a part of love,
And one thing I found
Is love is what you deserve.

Driving home,
And call my father on the telephone.
I hope you know I missed you, man,
Let’s put it all behind us if we can.
Never feeling like I’m all the way home.
Stones inside my raincoat pocket I gotta keep,
Oh, won’t you hold them for me?

I’m Ready – Jack’s Mannequin

I am aware, I’ve been misled.
I disconnect my heart, my head.
Don’t wanna recognize when things go bad,
The things that you’ll accept
Except that I am finding the words
To say

I’m ready, I’m ready to drop.
I’m ready,
I’m ready so don’t stop.
I’m ready so don’t stop.

I wake up to find it’s another four aspirin morning, and I dive in.
I put on the same clothes I wore yesterday.
When did society decide that we had to change
And wash a T-shirt after every individual use?
If it’s not dirty, I’m gonna wear it.
I take the stairs to the car, and there’s fog on the windows
I need caffeine in my blood stream;
I take caffeine in the blood stream.
I grip the wheel and all at once I realize:
My life has become a boring pop song
And everyone’s singing along.

Gone – The Head and the Heart

Gone are the days when the wind would brush my face,
Gone are the days when you’re the wind.
And gone are the days when my heavy heart
is worn on my sleeve.

So take back your pictures,
Take back your letters,
Don’t send me no postcards telling me you miss me.
‘Cause I’m trying here,
I’m trying here.

And fuck what they’re saying,
‘Cause my mind is made up,
And they’re all just starving like the rest of us.
And I’m trying here,
Oh, I’m trying here.
And you don’t even see.

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