My friend Emily felt like she didn’t know anything about beer, puzzling over what to order at any craft brewery that she entered. I let her in on the secret: it doesn’t matter if you know ANYTHING about beer — you just need to know what YOU like. We split a flight and discovered that she liked the fruity wheat beer best of the four. This beer was a recommendation I gave her after this experience, coupled with her telling me that just she and her mom drank an entire bottle of rosé the previous night.

Name: Sparkale

Brewery: 21st Amendment (San Francisco)

Style: Sparkling Rosé Ale

Rating: 3.7 / 5

Review: It definitely feels frilly drinking this beer, but it really is a good happy medium for those more interested in wine than beer. It’s a refreshing brew for summer, since its got the tart flavors of cranberry, apple, and cherry. It’ll please sour non-sour fans alike.

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