Blame Game – Beach Bunny

Time keeps slipping away, slipping away.
Same routine settles in next Friday.
TV news interviews saying, “She’s loose.”
Police officer asks what she’s wearing.

And I’m tired of the world perceiving me.
And I’m tired of girls saying,
“Something here’s gotta change, it’s gotta change.”
We keep playing the same blame game.
Do you think calling names makes me feel safe?
You look prettiest when you smile, babe.

But I don’t want to smile for anyone.
And I’ll be caught dead saying,

“Guess it’s my fault my body’s fun to stare at,
Sorry my clothes can’t keep your hands from grabbing,
Yeah, it’s my problem, I’m asking for it.
Guess you’re the victim, and I’m the suspect.”

Posters and TV
Tell me my body
Is for others’ satisfaction,
Get a sexual reaction.
We’re taught we’re only
Meant to act holy,
Cover up your shoulders
Or you might tempt somebody.

Girls run home at night
When we’re leaving from the party
‘Cause we’re raised to trust nobody.
And it’s not right to make excuses,
Teach them why they shouldn’t do this
‘Stead of telling us to hide, hide.

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