Twenty Two and Some Change – Stephen Day

I don’t wanna die young,
Don’t wanna get old,
And stay so warm
That my heart gets cold.

So tell me there’s a reason
Or something upstairs.
And tell me they’ve been seeing
What’s going on down here.

‘Cause I get to feeling sad,
And I miss my mom and dad.
Why’s it so hard to tell ’em that?
When you get to a certain age
You miss what you could’ve had,
But don’t really want it back,
And hope that you’re on track
For twenty-two and some change.

I just wanna have fun
And have a good laugh,
Make a few friends,
The kind that last.

My mind gets caught under the weight,
A tidal wave inside a maze,
Without a way.
I ought to give myself some grace.
Either way,
I’m wide awake in the bed I’ve made.

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