Leggo My Eggo

It took some time to gather enough “snippets” worthy of a post. Quarantine is like that sometimes, I suppose.

One day is like, “Man, all the weeks have blended together. What day is it — Monday or Saturday? Oh, it’s Thursday. And what year is it again?”

And then other days are like: “You’ll never guess what happened today: I saw a dog!”

Anyway, without further ado…

Last week started out particularly strong when I got the brilliant idea of making myself a “Blink 180 Tuesday” playlist for my Tuesday run. Blink 180 Tuesday is arguably my favorite party theme. It’s not that I was necessarily a huge Blink fan back in the day, but 14-year-old me (and current me, honestly) certainly raged to plenty of Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Panic! At the Disco, All-American Rejects, All Time Low, etc. Listening to that music not only is sentimental, it actually really resonates during this angsty time we’re in. After all, it’s not that strange for quarantine to leave you trapped in your room singing, “I’m just a kid and life is a nightmare,” and, “I’m in too deep and I’m trying to keep up above in my head instead of going under” … you know? read more

The Longest Year – Kathleen

The great barrier reef
Was recently pronounced dead.
Its last holy words were not
“Make America great again.”

Which way does the wind blow, Dylan?
I’m standing in the storm
But I’ve lost my sense of feeling.

Ideas climb out of bed and
Promise that they’ll fix it.
I look at you, you look at me, and we excitedly agree
That one day we’re sure gonna change it.
Then something comes up, and we all fall back asleep.
Oh, it’s been the longest year of our lives.

I close my eyes
And relive every moment.
One hundred sleepless nights, enough to make
The comedians cry. read more

The Beauty of Musicals, Spaghetti Squash, and Non-Birthday Cakes

Just when I think I’ve almost — almost — gotten used to this quarantine thing, I wake up in a panic. Today was particularly brutal because not only did I wake up to terrible allergy congestion, but also had an incredible dream interrupted. I dreamed that I was marrying Nick Jonas. And it wasn’t a superficial marriage; I was marrying him with the knowledge (you know, that weird background information that you just somehow have in dreams) that our relationship had been a full romance: dating many months, years even, Nick Jonas eventually proposing to me in a sweeping chivalrous gesture. I woke up dismayed that I was not marrying Nick Jonas, but instead was struggling with a clogged nosed, crusty eyes, and a whole new day of NOTHING ahead of me. read more

April – Beach Bunny

April showers, rain starts falling.
I wish that you would pick up when you know I’m calling.
It’s been another year
Wishing you were here.

Sometimes I just want somebody,
Someone who reminds that they’ll always love me.
Sick of counting tears,
Wishing you were here.

I wanna be everything you wanted
But oftentimes, I just get forgotten.

Are you out there? I’m still here.
I wish that when I said your name you would appear
Sitting next to me.
Now we’re memories.

Are you out there, somewhere?
What are you up to?
Have you changed your number?
I’ve been trying to call you
Since April, and now it’s October.
I’m not overthinking, but I think about you a lot.
And lately I am just an afterthought. read more

March Sadness, Being Called a “Turd,” and Kalsarikännit

A shocking number of tidbits collected in the past few days! Maybe we WILL survive this quarantine!

This last Friday, my department had a Zoom rock-paper-scissors battle against another department to combat “March Sadness.” It worked.

A bracket of department members was made in advance, and the heads of the two departments moderated. For each match, everyone muted their video screens except for the two playing and the two moderators. At the count of three, you had to hold up a paper with the word rock, paper, or scissors. Some got creative — writing all the words in Spanish, printing a photo of Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, holding up a physical pair of scissors. It was a nice way to spend 30 minutes and forget about all the sh*t going on. read more

Did you run today?

Well, I was right. As life becomes increasingly uneventful, there really isn’t much to muse about it. It took me basically all week to scrape together the following, and it isn’t much.

At this point, my life is really only structured around running and the occasional conference call I have to be on. I know that running is something that I already do on a routine basis, but since there’s so little to talk about right now, I’ve become increasingly irritated when someone in the family asks me, “Did you run today?” read more