April – Beach Bunny

April showers, rain starts falling.
I wish that you would pick up when you know I’m calling.
It’s been another year
Wishing you were here.

Sometimes I just want somebody,
Someone who reminds that they’ll always love me.
Sick of counting tears,
Wishing you were here.

I wanna be everything you wanted
But oftentimes, I just get forgotten.

Are you out there? I’m still here.
I wish that when I said your name you would appear
Sitting next to me.
Now we’re memories.

Are you out there, somewhere?
What are you up to?
Have you changed your number?
I’ve been trying to call you
Since April, and now it’s October.
I’m not overthinking, but I think about you a lot.
And lately I am just an afterthought.

Where did you go?
Where did you go?

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