The Longest Year – Kathleen

The great barrier reef
Was recently pronounced dead.
Its last holy words were not
“Make America great again.”

Which way does the wind blow, Dylan?
I’m standing in the storm
But I’ve lost my sense of feeling.

Ideas climb out of bed and
Promise that they’ll fix it.
I look at you, you look at me, and we excitedly agree
That one day we’re sure gonna change it.
Then something comes up, and we all fall back asleep.
Oh, it’s been the longest year of our lives.

I close my eyes
And relive every moment.
One hundred sleepless nights, enough to make
The comedians cry.

What kind of dream is this?
What’s gonna happen next?

Every other day we break another record
How many more till there’s nothing left?
Oh, here we go again, into another longest year.

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