Cuba Dos

Day 5

The final day we spent at the beach. The beach in Cuba is a huge lure for tourists and Cubans alike; summer is approaching, and the heat becomes “insoportable.” We all got a little burned despite applying and reapplying sunscreen countless times, but it was worth the crystal clear water and relaxation after spending the previous days running around.

We packed up in a rush, gathering receipts, exchanging money, and sharing photos in preparation for our exhibition. Aldenis arrived to hand off his girlfriend Lucy’s t-shirt to bring to her, and we ended up saying goodbye to him and Mitra about ten times each. Soon enough, we were speeding down the carretera in an orange 56, the sun setting behind us.

Evyn and Aldenis outside our ride to the airport. The driver and Aldenis spoke about the car together for a long while, to the point where we thought Aldenis might ride with us to the airport to continue conversing.

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April 21, 2019

Day 4

April 21, 2019

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