Cuba Dos


I always feel a tug at my heartstrings when I say goodbye to Cuba. The people I know there mean so much to me, my time there, invaluable. I will always remember my first two months studying there as one of the most important periods of my life. Cuba made me a more confident and conscientious person. Cuba taught me to be more appreciative of everything I have been blessed with. Cuba taught me patience, resilience, and calm.

I want to return as soon as possible. There is still so much of this country that I’ve never seen, so many people to keep visiting and meeting. If I could have it my way, I’d stay with Mitra for the next month helping with her work in Los Pocitos, re-establishing a routine in Cuba like I had two years ago. Practicing and perfecting my Spanish. But “se supone” that I have to go graduate.

I am beyond thankful for the Venture Grant committee for giving me the opportunity to come back to my favorite city, and maybe make more sense of its future — how I may play a role in it. I am thankful for my partners in crime, Evyn and Mitra. For Angelita, Silvino, Heidi, Aldenis, and everyone who took the time to share their lives with us. Nos vemos, la Habana.

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